Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Makeup Geek Eye Shadow Review

It started almost Three years ago I stumbled upon makeup site called "Makeup Geek".  
I was introduced to the beautiful Marlena who threw a log on the fire that was already in my heart for makeup. She taught me not to be afraid of colours, proper techniques and the fun that you can have with Makeup. So When she announced that she was coming out with her own line of eye shadows I flipped out!!! She had a pre-sale on a 8 piece started kit. The quote on quote, makeup kit essentials!!! Then a couple weeks later she lauched her full 48 colour eye shaodw line.

The starter Kit cost $45 and includes 8 eye shadows:

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Win 8 Authentic MAC pigments

First off I want to extend a huge THANK YOU
to all of you who have join my FB page, who read and watch my blog... you mean so much to me words really can't explain. You are all fueling my drive to go after my dream! I finally feel like I belong, like I've found the one thing that I'm truly good (well, I still have my doubts... I'm working on the self confidence thing) at & love! Again big hugs and thank you.

The first half of the Video is the announcement of my FaceBook page winner!!! I won't post your name up so you can be surprise when I pull your name in the video!!! Congrats to the WINNER!!!! E-mail me & we can set something up whenever you like! You don't need to use right away, you may use it whenever you like :) The second half of the video is the announcement of my new Blog contest. Great Prize!!!!

On to the Next Contest!!!!
I'm super excited for this one!!! 
 The prize is 8 FREE MAC pigments(1/2 tsp each colour)!!!

The jar in the middle is 1 of the 8 colours.

How this contest works is:
 1. Suggest my blog http://makeupjunkienikki.blogspot.com
To your friends and get them to become members
2. Get them to post on the comment box below this page your name
3. Both of you will be entered to win!

Your name will be enter for every friend who becomes a member to my blog & post your name. The same goes for your friend who suggest my page to their friends & so on & so forth!!!!

Contest closes December 25! Winner will be announced that day on my blog.  A little added bonus for Christmas day!!!

Start suggesting and Good Luck! Happy Makeup-ing ;)

Pigment colours to be won:
Chocolate brown
Reflects Rust
Antique Green
Reflects Transparent Pink
Circa Plum
Jardin Aires
Reflects Antique Gold

Friday, 9 December 2011

5 Minute Makeup Challenge

I was requested to do a tutorial today on a 5 minute makeup application! I was so excited to do that I set my camera up almost immediately & started to film! I didn't practice this & I was so scared that I wouldn't make the 5 minute mark, but I squashed that challenge no problem! It was super fun to do & I hope you enjoy it!

Eve Pearl Priming Mositurizer
Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer in medium
Eve Pearl HD Liquid Foundation in Medium 1
Eve Pearl Loose setting powder in Light-Medium
MAC Bronzer: Refined Golden

Urban Decay Priming Potion
Urban Decay NAKED Palette:
Sephora Liner Penicl: Brown
Tarte Mascara: Lights, Camera, Lashes

MAC Lip Glass: Oyster Girl

Beauty Blender Sponge
Eve Pearl Powder Puff
MUG Deluxe Crease Brush (the outer corner & crease)
MUG Round Crease Brush (to smudge the liner)
Annabelle A-21 Brush (highlight & inner corner)
MUG Angle Blush Brush

Thanks Angela for your request!!! Keep them coming, Makeup Junkie's!!!
Big Hugs & don't forget to become a member on my blog... I'll love you forever :)


Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Look @ what I found!!!

CuFy stuff

The other day I was wondering around Goggle+ when I found this girl named Gabriela! I discovered not only does she have an unique look but she has makes unique and beautiful things! As I started to go through her pictures I found myself amazed @ the cuteness and simplicity of her products!

She makes just about everything that has to do with accessories!!! From Bows to Bobby pins, Clutches, Rings, Necklaces the list goes on! They are so MuCh FuN and creative! She will totally work with you and pretty much make whatever you like... your options are almost limitless!!! 

So When I e-mailed her asking about her line and if I could write something for all of you she agreed and sent this little something to fill me in on how she got started!!!

 "OK here goes :) My business name is "CuFy stuff " it stands for CUte and gooFY, a nickname a good friend gave me. I started making hair accessories a little over 2 years ago. It started because I'm a big fan of hello kitty and everyone knows she's always wearing a bow. I would buy bows at the mall and think I could make this so I started practising. I also make headbands, pony tail bows & hairpins. My products are made from various materials: ribbon, fabric and even duct tape. ^_^." Gabriela

Her Prices goes as followed:

 ~ ribbon bows ranging from $2-$3 depending on if they have any kind of centrepiece
~ fabric bows range from $2-$4 also depending on plain versus embellished centre
~ I also have knitted bows for $2.50
~ The bobby pins are $3 each.
~ The skeleton hands are $4 with a duct tape flower or $5 with a bottle cap.
~ The key chains are $4 each mostly any kind of image I can add
***I also take custom requests for example specific colours or special logos***
All orders are shipped through the U.S. post office she does accept PayPal as well as money orders

 Her Facebook page where she sells "all her creations".

More pictures of her products on her Goggle+ Account @ Gabriela Morales

CuFy creations ^_^

I Think these are my fave!!!

Check this super talent artist out! Go on her page "like" it and at least just take a look @ what she has! I think you'll find yourself saying
"I would really love that" or "I know someone who would just go crazy for this"!
I know I was saying that to myself. Now it's just deciding on what and how I would like them... Because like I said the options are limitless! That's what makes this company so great... you can be the artist as well!

Thanks again, to all of you who came to my blog... Big hugs & Thank you to CuFy stuff
 CuFy creations ^_^."

Friday, 2 December 2011

MAC Haul

Got a bag full of Goodies!!!

Well today was a very Fun day for me! I got to go to the MAC super sale!!! OMG... so much fun!!! My main goal was to hopefully find the pigments that were discontinued... I DID!!!!

I had such a great time and met some really nice people... which made the line up fun! Thanks ladies if you come across this!

A big Thank you, thank you, thank you, to Bri for setting me up with a ticket!!!

Here is my Haul video... please don't have any expectations b/c this is my first video and I have no clue what I'm doing... but it was super fun & I always wanted to do something like this!!! I need better lighting that's for sure.,

Leave me any comments or questions that you have... please be kind :)


Left to Right : Shy Girl, Fleshpot & Pinkberry (Estee Lauder)

Top to Bottom: You've got it, Oyster Girl & Flurry Of Fun

Top to Bottom: Reflects Antique Gold, Chocolate Brown, Later & Antique Green

Left to Right : Circa Plum & Reflects Blacken Red

I hope that you all have a great weekend and I'll talk to you soon :)

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Getting Started

One Step Closer

Hello to all my future followers! I am getting one step closer to be like every other beauty blog. Hopefully you'll see the difference in me & stick around to check out my post and videos! This will be a challenge for me since I have a toddler & a baby boy ( don't worry this is the only time you will read about kids)!!! I'm very excited to step out of my comfort zone and share my love for cosmetics.

Within my blog I will share reviews, tutorials and tips on Makeup and Beauty. Give me sometime to get my feet wet and understand the world of blogging!!!

Much Love & Happy Makeup-ing!

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