Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Look @ what I found!!!

CuFy stuff

The other day I was wondering around Goggle+ when I found this girl named Gabriela! I discovered not only does she have an unique look but she has makes unique and beautiful things! As I started to go through her pictures I found myself amazed @ the cuteness and simplicity of her products!

She makes just about everything that has to do with accessories!!! From Bows to Bobby pins, Clutches, Rings, Necklaces the list goes on! They are so MuCh FuN and creative! She will totally work with you and pretty much make whatever you like... your options are almost limitless!!! 

So When I e-mailed her asking about her line and if I could write something for all of you she agreed and sent this little something to fill me in on how she got started!!!

 "OK here goes :) My business name is "CuFy stuff " it stands for CUte and gooFY, a nickname a good friend gave me. I started making hair accessories a little over 2 years ago. It started because I'm a big fan of hello kitty and everyone knows she's always wearing a bow. I would buy bows at the mall and think I could make this so I started practising. I also make headbands, pony tail bows & hairpins. My products are made from various materials: ribbon, fabric and even duct tape. ^_^." Gabriela

Her Prices goes as followed:

 ~ ribbon bows ranging from $2-$3 depending on if they have any kind of centrepiece
~ fabric bows range from $2-$4 also depending on plain versus embellished centre
~ I also have knitted bows for $2.50
~ The bobby pins are $3 each.
~ The skeleton hands are $4 with a duct tape flower or $5 with a bottle cap.
~ The key chains are $4 each mostly any kind of image I can add
***I also take custom requests for example specific colours or special logos***
All orders are shipped through the U.S. post office she does accept PayPal as well as money orders

 Her Facebook page where she sells "all her creations".

More pictures of her products on her Goggle+ Account @ Gabriela Morales

CuFy creations ^_^

I Think these are my fave!!!

Check this super talent artist out! Go on her page "like" it and at least just take a look @ what she has! I think you'll find yourself saying
"I would really love that" or "I know someone who would just go crazy for this"!
I know I was saying that to myself. Now it's just deciding on what and how I would like them... Because like I said the options are limitless! That's what makes this company so great... you can be the artist as well!

Thanks again, to all of you who came to my blog... Big hugs & Thank you to CuFy stuff
 CuFy creations ^_^."

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