Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Makeup Geek Eye Shadow Review

It started almost Three years ago I stumbled upon makeup site called "Makeup Geek".  
I was introduced to the beautiful Marlena who threw a log on the fire that was already in my heart for makeup. She taught me not to be afraid of colours, proper techniques and the fun that you can have with Makeup. So When she announced that she was coming out with her own line of eye shadows I flipped out!!! She had a pre-sale on a 8 piece started kit. The quote on quote, makeup kit essentials!!! Then a couple weeks later she lauched her full 48 colour eye shaodw line.

The starter Kit cost $45 and includes 8 eye shadows:

Top row left to right
  • Corrupt ~ Intense Matte Black
  • Purple Rain ~ Deep But Subtle Matte Purple
  • Unexpected ~ Light & Subtle Pink Matte Purple Blend
  • Coco Bear ~ Matte Golden Brown

Bottom Row left to right
  • Mocha ~ Matte Warm Medium Brown
  • Glamorous ~ Bronzy, Shimmery Gold 
  • Purely Naked ~ Soft Shimmery Nude
  • Simma Simma ~ Shimmery Highlight

Gorgeous!!! Even better in person!!!

These Shadows are high quality without the price tag! I would easily put them in the same category as MAC! Now that's a bold statement! They are smooth, creamy & very easy to blend. You do need to buy your own palette to put them in, such as, MAC palettes or Z Palettes (which you can buy off of Makeup geek). I do wish that the shadow pans were magnetic so they could just be slapped right into a palette, but I can let that go because these are AMAZING!!!! Lets not forget about the adorable packaging. It's so cute... Love it right down to the print on the eye shadow folder. Every detail was taught of.   


Check out the other 40 shades
They ship World Wide

When I received it in the mail today I had to tape a little something for you guys! Sorry the Lighting is disgusting... I really need to figure it out! At least I have Pictures so you can really see what the colours look like :)

My Hat is off to you, Miss Marlena. You made 48 Beautiful Shadows & for that I Thank you!

Colours used: Glamorous, Purple Rain, Unexpected, Purely naked & Shimma Shimma

Much Love, 


  1. Thanks so much Nicole for the sweet review!! So glad you liked them :)

  2. Can you buy these shadows in any store or just online through her website?

  3. How do you buy? I usually only buy MAC, but because you are recommending it, I would consider it!

  4. Go to makeupgeek.com/store all the products she sells are there!!! I also recommend her line of brushes!!!

  5. I love the purple with the gold! We have similar eye color and hair color. I am going to have to get those colors and try that look. Nice job!!


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