Sunday, 11 December 2011

Win 8 Authentic MAC pigments

First off I want to extend a huge THANK YOU
to all of you who have join my FB page, who read and watch my blog... you mean so much to me words really can't explain. You are all fueling my drive to go after my dream! I finally feel like I belong, like I've found the one thing that I'm truly good (well, I still have my doubts... I'm working on the self confidence thing) at & love! Again big hugs and thank you.

The first half of the Video is the announcement of my FaceBook page winner!!! I won't post your name up so you can be surprise when I pull your name in the video!!! Congrats to the WINNER!!!! E-mail me & we can set something up whenever you like! You don't need to use right away, you may use it whenever you like :) The second half of the video is the announcement of my new Blog contest. Great Prize!!!!

On to the Next Contest!!!!
I'm super excited for this one!!! 
 The prize is 8 FREE MAC pigments(1/2 tsp each colour)!!!

The jar in the middle is 1 of the 8 colours.

How this contest works is:
 1. Suggest my blog
To your friends and get them to become members
2. Get them to post on the comment box below this page your name
3. Both of you will be entered to win!

Your name will be enter for every friend who becomes a member to my blog & post your name. The same goes for your friend who suggest my page to their friends & so on & so forth!!!!

Contest closes December 25! Winner will be announced that day on my blog.  A little added bonus for Christmas day!!!

Start suggesting and Good Luck! Happy Makeup-ing ;)

Pigment colours to be won:
Chocolate brown
Reflects Rust
Antique Green
Reflects Transparent Pink
Circa Plum
Jardin Aires
Reflects Antique Gold

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