Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Blogger of the Month

Just thought I would share with all my Lovely Junkie's that I was interviewed by, 
as the "Featured Blogger" of the Month. 

A Huge thank you to Chloe Morien for asking me & taking the time out for Makeup Junkie! While your there check out her blog! She has some really incredible work posted.

Me Making the perfect winged liner.

Much Love,

Let me know what you think! Send me any other questions you would like to know... I could do my own post for you!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Beauty How To: Applying False Lashes

Applying false lashes doesn't have to be a scary thing. All it takes is practice and a couple helpful tips!

What you Need:
Lash adhesive
Grooming scissors
Black eye liner
Liquid liner
False lashes

Want to know what shadows I'm wearing in the tutorial?
Makeup Geek e/s:
Purple Rain
Vanilla Bean

Much Love,

      If you like my bow that I'm wearing in the video & want to check out her FB page, CuFy StuffMy Blog Post on CuFy Stuff.                                         

Monday, 2 April 2012

Make your eyes POP

I believe that all shades of shadows look beautiful on all eye colour! There are certain coloured shadows that will help make your 
peepers pop!

                          Brown eyes:
Blues, Purples, Teals & Greens
(Pretty much every colour)

Hazel eyes:

Grey & Charcoal
Green to make the green in the hazel Pop!

Blue eyes:

Gold, Copper, Oranges & Brown
Darker Blue in moderation.

Green eyes:
Reds & Pink (warmer deeper pinks)
 Plums & Purples
Darker green in moderation.

Much Love,

Lash Tite Vs. Quo

So after trying both products I have a very clear answer on who wins this fight!!!

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