Wednesday, 30 May 2012

5 Makeup Products I can't live without

L'oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara

I seriously don't know what I would do with out this Mascara!!! I've been using this product for 18 years now!!! I know I'm old! It's honestly hands down the best mascara ever! I've tried others and I always go back to it. Don't let the low price tag fool you! Even Marlena from Makeup Geek & Mario Dedvianio (Kim Kardashian's MUA), swear by this mascara & so do I!

Eve Pearl : HD Foundations

How do I begin to tell you how lucky we all are to have Eve Pearl in our lives?! If you haven't heard of her before you must go to her site and check out all her beautiful products!!!
She is a 5 times Emmy Award winning MUA & has developed a line of CosmeNutrients! Her makeup is so lightweight but carries a powerful punch to deliver coverage you didn't know was possible. As a MUA she makes my job very easy! I'm telling you every clients of mine is always floored by how well their skin looks and feels. They too become believers in Eve Pearl! 

Eve Pearl : Salmon Concealer

Yes, Eve Pearl gets another mention because with out her salmon concealer I don't think I would leave the house! Just like her Foundations this little miracle will cover up any imperfections, rosacea, dark circles etc... Just like her foundations, all her products are ideal for all skin types!!! 
I'm telling you go check her cosmetics out! I trust her so much that I only use her concealers, foundations and powders on myself and clients! She is all I recommend!

NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss

Love, love, love these glosses!!! They are inexpensive and beautiful! They feel great on and aren't sticky! I'm not the biggest fan of sticky gloss they drive me crazy. 
My two Favorite shades at the moment are: 

Smokey Look : Which is a subtle nude peach & 
Sweetheart : Which is a soft shimmery pink/peach

Makeup Geek Eye Shadows

I know... Shocker!!! I added MUG shadows! I'm telling you these are AMAZING, smooth, pigmented and the price is unreal!  

the "Starter Kit"

If you are unsure of what colours to try first buy
The Starter Kit to get a taste of what these shadows can deliver. I use them in almost all my tutorials & own every shade! I'm not disappointed with any of them! 

Much Love,

Let me know what your five can't live without makeup products.


  1. i agree with all but the eve pearl products. NOT BECAUSE I DONT LIKE THEM...but because i have NEVER tried an eve pearl product before. i really need to get some in my collection because i hear rave reviews about it!!! great post hunny xoxo

  2. Niki, you need to get your beautiful hands on some Eve Pearl!!! I telling you, you won't go back!!! Seriously she is a MU Goddess! Xx

  3. NYX Megashine lipglosses are definitely in my top 5! :) I'm not a fan of Loreal Voluminous mascara though. I hate the applicator, the thick clumpy formula, and how it weighs down my lashes. It doesn't do much for lengthening and separating either but I can see how it would work well on longer lashes. EP salmon concealer did almost nothing for my dark circles :( Then again, nothing does since they are so severe. If you have any suggestions/tips on how to get the most coverage with it, that would help me out tremendously :)

  4. When you used the salmon concealer did you use a shade darker then you skin tone? Apply your fondation then use a shade lighter then your skin to brighten and lift the eye! You may need to build up the colour. There is another concealer I would rate just under Eve but it may work wonders for you?! Funny how MU can do that?! It's a thicker heavier formula, Kandee Johnson loves it. It's a Canadian company, which I love!
    I hope this helps!!! Xx

  5. Thank you so much for the advice, I will definitely check out that company. Canadians kick ass! lol I purchased the fair/light duo from EP. The fair one is very similiar to my skin tone and the light one was very dark and looked orange even after my full coverage foundation was on top. :O I suppose I should try a thicker concealer but man those really cake up especially with under eye I doomed!?! What application technique do you use? Brush, sponge, or just a finger? Thanks again! xo

    1. Try using a a face primer to over all prep your skin, prevent creasing and it helps your foundation last! On yourself you can use your fingers(clean obviously)to apply your MU! You can warm up the product by rubbing your fingers together or add a little moisturizer or primer to it. Find a method that works for you. Always pat your face with a powder to help prevent creasing as well to seal your concealer/foundation.
      Woot woot on Canadians kicking ass!!! LOL!
      I hope that helps out! Xo


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