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Flawless Face Palette - Cream: Eve Pearl Review

$98.00 (USD)
Net Wt. 22.7 g / 0.8 oz

Packaging front & back

Eve Pearl is a 5 time Emmy Award winning Makeup Artist with over 18 years experience! She has developed a line of fusing cosmetics and nutrients together. As well as adding a very important ingredient to her cosmetic line, Astaxanthin!

CosmeNutrients®: Cosmetics infused with nutrients. Combining the unique blends of vitamins, minerals, proteins, peptides and anti-oxidants into multi-functional cosmetic formulations. This luxurious makeup line provides a light, non-greasy yet smooth application, allowing skin to breath. The nutrients nourish, help protect, restore and renew the skin's texture and elasticity. It also reduces the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles.

Astaxanthin/AstaReal® ingredient benefits:
·         A powerful antioxidant 500 times stronger than Vitamin E
·         Packed with Omega-3
·         Hydrates, protects & rejuvenates your skin’s natural texture and elasticity
·         Anti-inflammatory properties to soothe, treat and protect against sun damage
All Eve Pearl products are:

Oil Free • Water Free • Paraben Free • Petrolatum Free 

Fragrance Free • Cruelty Free

For all skin types, especially sensitive skin.  No more blotchy skin. No more redness!!!

palette case front & back

What's in this palette:
 2 Cream Foundation Shades, 2 Cream Concealers, 1 Cream Blush, 1 Mattifier, 1 Illuminator

HD Dual Foundation (shade is Medium)

This lightweight cream foundation gives you the coverage you need. You can a achieve sheer, medium to full coverage without that greasy, heavy feeling on your skin, while allowing your skin to breathe. There are two shades of foundation to create your natural looking highlights and contours of the face! This foundation is created with a universal spectrum of colour in the pigments to adapt to your own skin tone and the changes caused by body chemistry, weather and sun exposure.  

 Mattifier & Illuminator

Mattifier is a beautiful product for keeping your oil at bay! I've been testing it out for the past week with this hot weather and it has been holding up! No it doesn't stop shine completely, but it has definitely toned it down. I apply this all over my T-Zone (forehead, nose & chin) before I apply my foundation to create a base of oil protection for my makeup!

Illuminator is a gorgeous iridescent pearl. It is so subtle and the shimmer is so fine that it gives your skin that natural youthful glow. Apply this to your highlight areas of the face  (above your cheekbones, along the bridge of your nose, even your inner pocket of the eyes) to brighten your face, and give it a young dewy finish! 

Dual Salmon Concealer
Eve says it best, straight from her site: 
"No more dark circles! Revolutionizing the use of the “Salmon” or pinky/peach color as an under eye concealer to neutralize the dark blue undertones from the skin. (Yellows mixed with the blue undertones create those greenish/grey raccoon eyes that are highlighted and only accentuate the problem area.)" 

Just like the HD dual foundations this can be use for sheer, medium and full coverage. Also has the light feeling on your skin, as well as it adapts to your own skin!

Seriously hands down BEST concealer out there! Nothing is better the Eve Pearl!

HD Cream Blush

I have to admit I'm not the biggest fan of cream blushes. I don't really use them all that often! This blush is smooth and creamy! Use a sponge to help blend it into the skin for the natural flushed look! This blush has the same non greasy feeling as well as the foundation and concealer! 

What I LOVE about it:
This is a dream in one easy portable palette! You have everything you need to create beautiful radiant skin! You can do an over all matte look or go soft and dewy! What I like to do is be the best of both worlds and go matte in the T-Zone and dewy on the top of my cheek bones! 

This Palette is available in Light, Medium, Tan & Dark! 

I have never experience the coverage that Eve Pearl products gives me! The way it eliminates dark circles, redness and gives an overall evenness to my skin is incredible! Her line of foundations, concealers and powders are all I use on myself and my clients! I don't trust anyone else! The simple fact that there isn't all these chemicals in the makeup and full of actual nutrients to feed my skin... Amazing! 

The packaging is sleek and thin. There is a full size mirror included in the palette which makes it great to travel with. The price, I really didn't mind for all the product you get in the kit! Your buying top of the line in my opinion! I think this kit is a great way of testing out her products as well.  

Eve Pearl Method to applying your foundation
courtesy of

courtesy of

No Makeup

Using the Eve Pearl Method

Just Foundation & Concealer

 Full Makeup Application

Rating: 5 / 5

  • Packaging: 5 / 5
  • Product:  5 / 5
  • Price:  5 / 5
  • Would I buy it again: Yes, for travelling  purposes! I already carry her full foundation line!

Much Love,

To see a mini review on her liquid foundation and concealer, on my post "Five makeup products I can't live without" 

Tanya Ellis from ME photography (friend and client): "Love this product.. it's light weight, doesn't settle into my fine lines or pores and looks very natural. concealers go on smooth and do not crease under my eyes and gives amazing coverage. The blush is very natural looking. Lipgloss is nice and natural as well and not sticky like some glosses. Only downfall is for the price, you don't get much product."

Go HD, Go Eve Pearl!!!

Eye shadow used Eve Pearl's Eye Palette - Au Natural
To check out my review on this palette click here!

Makeup Junkie disclosure
I was given a free product or sample to review. All opinions are my own and not influenced by others. I got no additional benefits for talking about the product or company.


  1. wow this stuff looks great!! you are gorgeous!!

  2. Eve Pearl is amazing!!!! You need to try her Cosmetics out! Ty for the lovely compliment! I owe it all to Eve herself! Xo

  3. I love the end result, but SHEESH that's a steep price!
    Does look amazing though, hun.

    1. You do get what your paying for!!! High quality, skin treatment and amazing results!!! Thanks for stopping by Lexi!!! Xo

  4. You look so so beautiful, I envy you so much, how much will cost me if I would like to ship it here in Texas? I've read more about this product and you said it contains astaxanthin, and I've also read about astaxanthin articles from Dr. Mercola. I Astareal product reall is great!

    1. I'm not sure how much it is to ship to Texas you could call them toll free 1-866-335-1550. Their shipping is fast! I live in Toronto, Ontario and it takes one day (roughly), they're located in New York!
      If you try her products out, I promise you love her products and the end results!
      Thanks for stoping by, Xo!

  5. I just love your reviews. I love that you add lots of pictures. I feel like i'm actually there with you as your talking about it! I really need to gt my hands on this product! Eve Pearl sounds like a lovely costemic company! Thanks again

    1. I really appreciate your kind words! I'm glad that you enjoy my blog and reviews! I really do try my best to show you what a product is all about! I want to help out my readers as much as I can. Yes, Eve Pearl really is the BEST!!!!!Xo keep in touch

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