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Makeup Geek Lip Stick Review

I have been a patient little MUGGie waiting for the 
Makeup Geek lip sticks to debut! As I am sure you all have been as well. When the MUG team first told me about the lip stick line back in November 2011 I was so excited. So waiting for them has made me feel like a kid waiting for Christmas. I'm even more excited for years end, for the launch of MUG's Lip Glosses and Gel Liners!!! 

I have 9 out of the 16 shades to review for you










  • All lip sticks are cruelty free - Makeup Geek does not test on animals!
  • 0.14 oz of product.
  • Fraction of the cost of M.A.C lip sticks without sacrificing on quality.
  • Perfect for sensitive lips.
  • Make in the U.S.A.
  • Very affordable $7.99 ea.

What I love about them:
These lips sticks are very pigmented and creamy! They feel really nice on the lips. I love love love the nude pink tones! I just gravitate to those shades. 

  • Innocent is a soft pink with peach undertone. On my skin tone, which is medium, I like to warm it up more with a peach gloss. This shade is actually what its called... innocent!
  • Refined is a stunning nude peach which I love! It reminds me of a fall harvest! I'm all over a peach lip and pairing it up with a purple smokey eye or a whole monochromatic peachy neutral look!
  • Charming is a neutral tone with strong deep orange undertone. This colour is kind of scary looking in the tube but is surprisingly beautiful on! I like to tone down the orange with a nude pink lip gloss... stunning!
  • Shy, Darling & Lovely are just what they are called. These nude/pink with purple undertones shades are sweet and innocent. But can turn up the heat with a sexy smokey eye. Perfect for that "Bombshell" look!
  • Captivating is a fun bold tangerine which I think would look incredible on medium - Deep skin tones. 
  • Elegant is a beautiful perfect matte red for those classic pinup girl looks! 
  • Luscious is an eye catching colour. This shade is ideal to be your makeup statement piece!

The packaging is beautiful! The box they come in are same design as the shadows but different colour story which keeps it interesting! The actual tubes them selves are gorgeous! There is a clear tip on top of the lid to see your shade, the company name printed on the inner tube and the subtle decal on the lid itself. They really thought of everything when it came to packing these.

The range of colours are great from your nudes, hot pinks, purples, and deep reds. With only more shades to come. The shades that are available are perfect to satisfy our cravings... for now :)

What I don't like about them:
There is only two things I would change with these lipsticks:

  • The smell ~ Its not awful, but it's not yummy. I like my lip sticks to smell like candy or minty. these lip sticks smell floral to me with a subtle sweetness. It really is subtle not over powering and it doesn't bother me enough not to use them.
  • Elegant ~ tugged at my lips a little. I know that matte shade is a little drier, but it was slightly difficult applying. The actual result beautiful and it didn't feel as dry as I thought it would from because of the tugging. Obviously make sure your lips are well moisturized before applying this shade & you could always add a gloss on top if matte is not for you. 

Available in 16 shades

  • Adorable ~ Soft pink (satin gloss)
  • Captivating ~ Bright warm orange (shimmer)
  • Charming ~ Natural nude with a burnt orange undertone (stain gloss)
  • Darling ~ Muted pink with a hint of purple (shimmer)
  • Delightful ~ Warm pink with a peach undertone (satin gloss)
  • Elegant ~ Deep red (matte)
  • Famous ~ Bright magenta purple (high gloss)
  • Fearless ~ Hot pink (high gloss)
  • Foxy ~ Sweet warm hot pink (stain gloss)
  • Innocent ~ Warm nude peach (stain gloss)
  • Lovely ~ Warm natural nude pink (satin gloss)
  • Lavish ~ Crimson (Matte)
  • Luscious ~ Deep magenta red (stain gloss)
  • Ravishing ~Bright red with a pink undertone (Matte)
  • Refined ~ Soft nude tan (high gloss)
  • Shy ~ Sweet nude pink (stain gloss)

Swatches from Makeup Geek site

Swatches from Makeup Geek site

Rating: 5 / 5

  • Packaging: 5 / 5

  • Pricing: 5 / 5

  • Product: 5 / 5

  • Would I but them again: Yes!!! I plan on owning ALL of these beauties!
Much Love,

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Let me know your thoughts on the MUG lip sticks! I'll be posting more swatches as I get new shades!!

Makeup Junkie disclosure
I was given a free product or sample to review. All opinions are my own and not influenced by others. I got no additional benefits for talking about the product or company.


  1. Nice review! gorgeous colors!

    1. Thx Nicole! I'm really loving these lip sticks!!! You must get your hands on them! Xo

  2. I just ordered "Shy" last week! Can't wait it to arrive!!!

  3. elegant and lucious are amazing :O

    1. They are very beautiful! Do you have those shades or are those your top pick from the review?! ;) xo

  4. Captivating looks amazing! Such color saturation!!

    1. It really is a beautiful colour! The pigmentation is unreal!!!

  5. they have a great range of colours and they look great on! might have to get myself a few :)

    1. You need to get some I'm telling you, you won't be disappointed! They're lovely on...

  6. i got three of them...innocent, lovely (i think) and ravishing or lavish (i dont remember again LOL) i thought the colors were lovely and i couldnt be happier with them. the packaging is great and the price is just right.

    the smell is very different, but i will tell you why i like it. when i was a kid, and obsessed with getting my hands on my moms lipsticks, thats what it smelt like. i think over the years, companies use different formulas that are not as potent and makeup geek chose a formula or ingredient that is not used much anymore. i just like it because it brings back memories of when i was little and that strong smell of lipstick lol

    1. LOL, that's so funny b/c when I first smelled it that's exactly what I thought of! Playing with my mom's makeup!!! Like I said I don't mind it b/c of that, but I love the smell of MAC lippies the BEST! Thanks for all your support love! XOXO

  7. thanks for the review! interesting that your two cons didn't affect your rating of the product and you still gave it a 5/5. that doesn't quite make sense to me... i was surprised to see that you didn't give it a 4/5 or take a point off somewhere for the two instances of cons you mentioned.

    i'm looking forward to trying these out as well. captivating photographed more red in your pic and it reminded me of mac's ruby woo. i'm so curious about that scent now!

    1. I didn't give it a 4/5 b/c the smell doesnt really bother me that much to where I wouldn't wear them. Yes, Elegant tugged at my lip a bit, but it still delivered! The rating was for the overall 6 lip sticks not just the one! Where if I was doing the review just on Elegant then it would of gotten a 4/5! As a whole I really love these lip sticks!

      Really, I think Captivating looks very orange compared to Elegant!

      Trust me you'll fall for these lip sticks! I need to get hands on some peach tones ones next and famous is really calling me as well!!!!

      Xo, Nikki

    2. that makes sense. once i get through the loads of makeup i have to test and review, i'll get to these babies! thanks!

  8. Thanks for the review! I can't wait to get some of these myself!
    Are there any shades that you think are absolutely essential?

    1. I'm getting three more shades in and I'll be updating this post! I'll have a better idea of what shades I think are must haves!!! Thanks for popping in and this post should be updated in about a week and a half!!! Xoxoxo

    2. Just added three more shades to the review!
      So far my must haves are Darling, Refined! I wear those probably the most! I still have 7 other shades. I'm dying to get Famous and Fearless! Shy is really beautiful as well. Let me now which ones you pick up!

  9. wow the packaging is gorgeous

    1. I know right?! I just love the colour story for it!!! So sexy and dramatic! Xo

  10. I usually use lipgloss a lot more. I heard you need to moisturize well with these. Some lipsticks are still creamy or moisturizing, but these, I'm told, are dry. I looked at the shades though and like adorable, delightful, shy, luscious, foxy, innocent, and maybe lovely. I was trying to pick shades that aren't too similar to the other. It was hard to decide between the ones I listed so I wrote them all down lol. I have looked at the chart, but still not positive on the shade lovely.

  11. This is awesome stuff! I was looking for them the other day and I was wondering how they work! Awesome review... Im def following you :D

    Love xxx

    1. In glad that you found my review helpful ;) they really are great lip sticks! Thanks for the follow;) I'm actually a follower of your blog too;) xo

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  13. hi.. do you know where can i get this in Malaysia? Thanks


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