Friday, 15 June 2012

One Lovely Blog Award

The Sweet and Beautiful Niki from Hello Miss Niki was sweet enough to pass this award to me. I've had the absolute privileged over the pass few months to interact with so many amazing people through this crazy tweeting/blogging world! I feel as if it's a family or a OCD Cosmetic family! It's Great! So here is a change to give a little something to some of my ladies!  
There are some rules to this award, fun ones, I have to share with you all 7 random facts about me. 

1. I'm the youngest of 3 girls! 
I'm in the front with the pig tails. 
Nadean, who is the eldest, is right behind me!
Noel, She is peaking behind Dee!

This is one of our Favorite pictures together!

2. Horror movies are my favorite! Especially Zombie Flicks, not just since Walking Dead has come out... I mean since I was 5!!! I know strange! As kids my sisters would want the latest family comedy and I went straight to the horror section, LOL!

3. I'm scared of the Dark!!! I know after reading random fact #2 it seems odd. If I'm in an unfamiliar space and its pitch Black, forget about it!!!!  

4. I'm 5'5"... Now that's a random fact!

5. Unlike Miss Niki, I LOVE LOVE LOVE caffeinated coffee!!! I drink at least 3 cups in the morning! I also add cinnamon in with the grins while it brews... AMAZING! My sister Nadean told me about that one!

I'm just a 1 sugar girl no milk or cream!

6. I have a bit of a OCD problem with my bed sheets! I need to change them every other day! Who doesn't love clean sheet day?!

7. Mint Chocolate chip Ice Cream is the flavor hands down!!!

Here is a bonus one!!! I loved watching "Flavor of Love".

Share 7 random facts about yourself
Award this blog to 7 bloggers

Much Love,

I would love to know what your favorite Ice Cream is or what kind of movies you like!!!


  1. Congrats Nikki :D chocolate mint chip is pure awesomeness and you're not alone on the sheets one ;) x

    1. Good I'm not the only crazy person when it comes to their sheets;) thx for stopping by!!!! Xoxo

  2. thank you for the tag! omg i love choc mint ice cream too!! lol xx

  3. Love strawberry ice cream and horror movies!!!! :D

    1. Yummy, with real bits of strawberry in it... Double Yum!

  4. Congrats on the award... Loved the tag. I have the same award for you on my blog!^_^

    1. Thx doll! Going to check it out !!! Thanks for the award!!! ;)


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