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Lipsi Cosmetics Review

Lipsi Cosmetics is completely inspired by the Greek Island! Every detail that's goes along with brand, the colours, the logo and the names are all related to the beautiful virginal island of "Lipsi". Their goal is to show and help women feel how naturally beautiful they are without intense makeup. 

Not only do they want you to feel beautiful but the brand is  beautiful. They strongly believe in a social responsibly to be strictly cruelty FREE! Plus a portion of their proceeds go towards helpless families who are directly affected by the financial crises in Greece. Not only are you supporting the welfare of animals your also lending a hand to the people of Greece.

Lipsi Cosmetic Line consist of:
Butter Bliss Lipsticks
Posh Gloss
Camouflage Concealer
Aphrodite Powder
Turn the other Cheek Blushes
Native Eye Shadows (single pots)
Lipsi Eyeshadow Palettes
Alluring Lash Mascara
Lipsi Kabuki

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 I will be reviewing two Native eyeshadows pots:

Creation & Voyaged
$18.00 USD 3g(0.01 oz)

My shadows were wrap in this little present!

Top:Front of Shadows
Bottom: Back of shadows

What I love about this product:
These are two of your basic staples in eyeshadows! Your deep matte brown (Voyaged) and your matte creamy beige (Creation). Voyaged is this Extremely intense deep coffee brown. It's so pigmented that it reminded me of a certain insanely black shadow (I'm sure if your a follower of mine you know what I'm talking about). Voyaged is definitely the sister shadow to it. One light swipe of my fingertip and it was saturated in it! I'm in love Voyaged. Creation is a beautiful colour as well... it's perfect for my skin tone! These shadows are smooth and blend very well. I'm more then impressed with them!

Creation & Voyaged

What I didn't like about them:
Creation I found to be slightly chalky and not a pigmented as Voyaged. It still did the job of blending out and such though! 
I wish that the single pots came in more colour options as they only come in four. The other two are called Row Boat and Chaos, which are both shimmery and look Gorgeous! They do have other colours but you need to purchase them in four shadow palette. Which I don't mind but other Makeup Junkie's may only want them in singles. 

Over all Lipsi Cosmetics have my attention! I'm very curious to get my hands on the rest of the shadows and try some of the lip sticks! The packaging is super cute! I love the pewter tones containers with the Monodentri Tree on it... which by the way symbolizes the Island of Lipsi but of hope and friendship to the founder of the Lipsi Cosmetics. 

Rating: 4/ 5 

  • Packaging: 5 / 5

  • Pricing: 4/ 5 

  • Product: 4/ 5

  • Would I but them again: Yes!!! I would love to get my hands on more!

 Classic brown smokey eye look I did using Voyaged and Creation

Much Love,

Makeup Junkie disclosure
I was given a free product or sample to review. All opinions are my own and not influenced by others. I got no additional benefits for talking about the product or company


  1. I love that these are matte. A lot of the nautral colors I have have a shimmer or sheen to them & it gets annoying sometimes. Beautiful look as always hun :)


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