Friday, 24 August 2012

Violent Lips Review

This was one of my most anticipated product reviews to date! How cool is it to have animal print, glitter and words on your lips that don't budge or smudge for up to 8 hours?! What a great way to express yourself through temporary lip tattoos! There are tons to choose from! 

About the Company
"Violent Lips was created by entertainment industry veteran Jeff Haddad and his daughters Isabella and Sophia. At 13 years old, Isabella Haddad and her sister were playing with their mom’s temporary Chanel tattoos when she affixed them to her lips. Just like that, the idea for temporary lip art was born as Isabella and her family set out to create FDA approved, cosmetic grade lip appliques. Fast-forward two years later and her company, Violent Lips is one of the fastest growing trends in beauty - being hailed as the “Future of Lipstick” by Allure Magazine."  (straight from violet lips website Click here to read more).

 I was very excited to have "Violent Lips" send me 4 designs to review!  Here are the patterns I chose to review:

Red Velvet- Glitteratti Mix
$14.95 3pk

The Giraffe
$14.95 3pk

Game Day- Blue,Whit,Grey
$7.99 2pk

The Butterfly (Multi-pack)
$14.95 6pk

What I love about this Product:
The packaging is very cute and chic. There are step by step instructions on how to apply these. There are videos you can watch on how to apply them on YouTube as well, Click Here. The options and the creations are limitless! The price is definitely fair ranging from $7.99-$14.95


What I didn't like about this product:
I just couldn't do it! I tried with my whole Giraffe print pack and I just could manage to apply them! I watched the videos and read my instructions! Still they didn't turn out. It looks so simple and easy but it just wasn't for me :(
I'm totally bummed because I think these are brilliant! I know that many, many people have great success with 
"Violet Lips"!

Here is what I would like to do... I want to give the other 3 packs away to one of you to try for yourselves! I really think that if your interested in these you should really try them out  and make your own decision! Just because I can't manage them doesn't mean that you won't be a natural at applying these beauties!

So here it is you have a chance at winning:
 The Red Velvet- Glitteratti mix 
Game day- Blue, White & Grey 
The Butterfly (Multi-pack)

All you need to do is follow the RaffleChopper steps to win! The contest closes on September 3rd and the winner has 24hrs to email me their info or it will go to the next in line! 

Good Luck & Much Love,

Images on the GiveAway Lips!

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Makeup Junkie disclosure
I was given a free product or sample to review. All opinions are my own and not influenced by others. I got no additional benefits for talking about the product or company.


  1. I would love to try them! So fun :) Thank you

  2. my favorite too faced product is their amazing glosses!!

  3. aww i'm sorry you didn't have luck with them. i have a tutorial with these and i use a damp towel instead of a cotton bud. check out my tutorial and see if it helps at all? it took me using one to get it down but after that i got it. lol there is definitely a learning a curve! i love these and get compliments everywhere whenever i use them. the glitter ones are a bit more difficult to work with.

  4. Thank you for yet another awesome giveaway!


  5. oOo these are awesome! I have heard a LOT of bbloggers have had a hard time with them, I guess it just takes practice. I'm not all that good at applying regular lipstick lol

  6. So bummed they didn't work out! I've never tried them but have been lemming them for quite a while! Thank you for this giveaway! <3

  7. Sorry they didn't work out for you :/ I really have been wanting to try this! I would love to use the butterflies one-so beautiful! Definitely for a Halloween costume or something, though! Thanks for the giveaway xoxo
    p.s. I'm Kellybee in the widget in case you need to verify(:

  8. Wow! These look intense! Violent Lips is so pretty!


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