Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Rockeresque Review

Rockeresque Beauty Co.
5g / $6.00 (USD)

 Leilani Lomeli (Click Here to her FB fan page) who works for Rockeresque Beauty Co was giving away some free sample of their pigments on Instagram. Of coarse I was on it because I've notice this indie company and was very curious in their products! 

What the Rockeresque has to say about their products:

Founded in May of 2011, Rockeresque Beauty Company focuses on providing the best vegan cosmetics. Rockeresque offers a complete palette of gorgeous colors to choose from so that you can achieve any look. These range from primary hues with a punch, to luscious and intense dark shades. Rockeresque is happy to, not only offer quality and cruelty free products, but also cosmetic education about what you are wearing on that pretty face of yours.

I will be reviewing 4 loose shadows

A vibrant primary yellow.

A beautiful baby pink with a hint of silver glitter.

A bold lilac with a touch of shimmer.

A unique turquoise blue with a touch of shimmer.

What I have to say about Rockeresque:

These shadows have got me gitty! As soon as I swatch them it was like I swept candy along my arm! They are so soft, girly, and have a sweet shimmer to them! I got excited like a little girl playing with makeup for the first time. They're even more fun to play with. 
I found them to be pigmented, smooth and blend-able! Everything us Makeup Junkie's are looking for. Plus they're very affordable! The range of colours are great! You have your basic neutrals all the to your hottest pink! 

The names they call their shadows is probably my favorite part of it all. They are so creative and not traditional! 

Here are some to name a few:
Fear of Sleep
Broken Teeth
Shy Little Bat
Broom Stick

Not only do they have loose shadows they also carry Accessories such as bracelets, necklaces, hair clips, purses & clothing. 

All in all Rockeresque Beauty Co. is something definitely looking into and trying! 

Here is a look I did using the pigments!
"Candied Rockeresque", Click Here for full post on this look.    

I had to call this look Candied b/c these shadows are sweet like candy! Try them out for yourself and see!

Rating: 5 / 5

  • Packaging: 5 / 5
  • Product:  5 / 5
  • Price:  5 / 5
  • Would I buy it again: Yes! I'm very interested in this company!

Much Love,

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