Monday, 26 November 2012

Black Diamonds

Step by Step Beauty How to:

Urban Decay Potion Primer

MUG gel liner:


Eve Pearl Diamond Eyes:

#4 shade
#5 shade



Red Cherry Lashes #DW

L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black mascara

1. Prime lid. Place a small piece of tape that extends from your lower lash line out toward your brow. Tip, place tape on the back of your a couple times so it's not so sticky and won't hurt your skin when you peel it off.

2. With a stiff dome brush take Makeup Geek's gel liner in Twinkle take a small amount and blend it all over lid and above the crease creating a base for your lid colour. Leave the inner 3rd of lid empty.

3. With a lay down brush apply Eve Pearl's dark pewter shade  from her Diamond Eyes palette and press it all over the base colour. Taking what's left on the brush place it over the base above the crease. Turn that same brush over to the clean side and pick up the silver colour from the same palette an press it on the inner 3rd of the eye blending it where it meets the dark pewter shade. Place the silver shadow on the inner lower lash line as well. 

4. With a soft dome brush sweep bisque by M.A.C on brow bone and blend out the crease. Remove tape and softly blend that crisp line. 

5. Using an angle brush apply Makeup Geek's gel liner in Immortal and wing out your upper lash line. Line your water lines with it too. Blend out the bottom lash line with the same pewter shadow and connect it with the upper lash line. 

6. Apply your favorite lashes (I'm wearing Red Cherry #DW's) and mascara. 

*Pair this look up with a matte soft peach/pink cheek, I suggest Eve Pearl's blush trio in "Sunny". Very glossy  pouting lips, I suggest Eve Pearl's Pearlicious lip gloss in "Menage"!

Eve Pearl's Diamond Eyes Palette

Much Love,


  1. This is so pretty, it really does look like flecks of diamonds<3

  2. This palette is Gorgeous!!! Wait till you see the swatches when I review it! Unbelievable!

  3. This palette is Gorgeous!!! Wait till you see the swatches when I review it! Unbelievable!

  4. Very pretty!! I love how versatile and sweet this is. Totally pretty for a day at the office, and gorgeous for a night out :-)

    1. This whole palette can really take you from day to evening! Absolutely adore it! XOXO

  5. Umm...can I have that palette!?!?!?! LOVE IT!!! the look is goregous and black diamonds suits it perfectly!!!

  6. WOW!! You eye looks are gorgeous!! Glad I found your blog via Niki's FB post about being a guest blogger on your blog! I am your newest follower! :)

    1. Your a doll! Thank you so much for the love! I'm going to check your out as well! Please keep in touch! XO


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