Wednesday, 21 November 2012

IMATS Toronto 2012 Haul

On November 17 2012 I attend my first IMATS! I had an amazing time! I met & saw some incredible  people and things! I tried to take as many pictures as I could to kind of bring you along with me! I must say the trade show had it plus and negatives. I wish there were more booths such as, NYX, Urban Decay, Sugar Pill etc... 
I am also going to show you all the Goodies that I got a hold of. I was very responsible and only picked up what my kit needed! 

First booth that my Friend, Natalie and I hit first was of coarse Eve Pearl! You all know how I feel about her line of cosmetics. The "Holy Grail" to say the least! 

Lucky me I got to meet her! Let me tell you I thought I would be so nervous meeting her, but she made me feel so comfortable! She really is a doll! The best part is she knew who I was, gave me the biggest hug and also wanted a picture with me on her personal camera! Can you believe it?! I almost felt like the celebrity. It was a real Career highlight for me meeting her! 

She also brought one of her Beautiful Emmy's which she let me hold and stand in her booth to get a great picture. That Emmy is gorgeous, heavy and just spectacular! 

Later in the day we caught her show in the open forum where is even mentioned me and my blog! WHAT??? I have never felt so special!

That's me, the first person on the left.

This was fun watching come to life!

 Beautiful piece of work done at the PARI!

Ah, the FRENDS beauty supply booth!

This is where i picked up the Cases of all MU cases! Yes, I'm the proud owner of a STILAZZI case! Yes, I needed to hug it! Now I don't need to lug a huge bag and my Sephora train case! I have a big Girl MUA case!!! I should of got the bigger one b/c I filled and still need a tote bag, LOL!

The OCC booth

So disappointing! I REALLY wanted to get my hands on these! I could even see them. Women had like 10 in their hands, they were thrown all over. I did swatch one and loved it! it was super pigmented, creamy and smelled like mint! I'm still so upset at this! The only cool thing is I saw Queen of Blending! When I went back to the booth she wasn't there :( Maybe next year! 

My Big Haul!

So there it is a quick little IMATS rundown! Be on the look out for some of these items to be reviewed! 

Much Love,


  1. OMG what a haul!!! LOVE EVERYTHING YOU GOT!!!

  2. Hi I am planning to go IMATS this yr and was wondering which booth sold the 6 pack of the beauty blenders n how much it was? Thanks! :)

  3. So I was Googling around for myself just now and I came on this post of yours that has a very nice pic of me from last year! AWESOME! I'm gonna put tat right on my fanpage :D


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