Sunday, 18 November 2012

My Winter Skin Survival Must Haves!

As beautiful as the winter months are the affects on our skin & hair are not that attractive! It leaves us dry, cracked and chapped! Often it can be very unpleasant and painful! Lets  prepare for the upcoming season with my personal favorites to beat your winter skin blues for the months ahead!

Gaelle Organic 

This entire Organic skin care line has saved my skin. The overall look and feel to it has changed and the clock has reversed. My lines and pores have been dramatically reduced. Gaelle's only uses Organic and Wild Harvested ingredients. To see my full review on her skin care line and see a shocking before and after picture of my skin, Click Here. These products are a sure way to keep your face hydrated and subtle all winter long. Her Reborn Exfoliant will remove any dry dead skin cells on your face and lips while leaving behind a incredible moisture shield! 

Gaelle Organic

Yes, Gaelle Organic gets another mention for her Body Creme Superieure! This Luxurious creme is not only made with the same wonderful Organic and Wild Harvest ingredients as the rest of the line but it will leave you skin soft all day. To read my full review, Click Here. This creme is so pure and gentle you can even use it on babies! yes, it's that good! This creme sits on my night stand and it's apart of my night time routine to ensure that I'm protecting and nourishing my body. This creme will also help you fight the signs of aging too! Not only can you use this on your body go a head and use it on your face! That's the great thing about Gaelle, her products are not just for one particular part of the body. She won't make you believe that you need a day cream, night cream, face cleanser or body cleanser! Her products are universal! The beauty industry has been getting away with too much for too long! What you use in the day is great for at night. The soap you wash your face with is perfect for your body! As for the Body Creme go ahead and apply it on your face (but it doesn't have as much of the anti aging benefits as the facial moisturizers do)! All we need is for Gaelle to come out with a hair care line, chap stick and facial primers! That would be heaven! 


I have just recently started to use Fresh Sugar lip treatment. I love pretty much everything about it! From it's twist cap container, to keep it lock fresh and free from all those little bits that end up all over your tubes from you r purse or pockets! The smell is yummy! It reminds me of sweet lemonade. I always get excellent results using it. My lips are moisturizer and left looking fabulous! It's key ingredient, sugar, helps prevents moisture lost. Plus it full of vitamin A, C and E (which by the way are excellent for anti-aging). i even apply this on those extra dry painful parts of my hands to help heal and protect!


I am so in love with Coconut Oil I can't even begin to start to tell you about it! This miracle product deserves a whole post on it's own. My reason for it helping with the upcoming cold season is that its an excellent hair treatment! Coconut oil penetrates the hair, conditions and products it from within. This supplies your hair with the moisture it needs to product it from heat and environmental damage! it also provides your hair with shine and keeping it silky smooth. Not only can you can also use this as a skin moisturizer as well! The simple fact that this is organic and pure makes it that much more beneficial for your hair and skin! Simple ingredients simple solution!


Of coarse water! To keep your skin and body well hydrated from the outside start with the inside! Drink up your water not only are you helping your skin your cleansing your body as well! 

I hope that you found this helpful and that you possibly picked up some tips and tricks! I would love to know your winter skin survival products! Don't forget to comment below.

Much Love,

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  1. I love the Gaelle line. I need to replenish as I am out of the moisturizer and toner. Thanks for introdcuing this to us!


    1. Deb, I glad that you love her line! I believe that Every man and women should be using this incredible line! Just keep spreading the Gaelle Orgainc Love! Thanks for stopping by! XxOo


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