Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Fusion of Color Swatches pt.7

Here we go more lovely, highly pigmented mineral eye shadow swatch from Fusion of Color! This set of swatches are more brown/cream based. I realized that most of the swatches I've been doing have been more colourful and bold. So this time I was going to stick with more neutral tones! This is pt.7 of my swatch series for Fusion of Color. To read my full review on these eye shadows Click Here.
Enjoy :)

Left to Right:
Tender ,Cream & Coffee Bean

Left to Right:
Putty, Twig & Far Out

Left to Right:
Spirit, Daffodil & Pumpkin Pie

Left to Right:
Coco Delight, Bitter Sweet & Coco Moco

Much Love,

Here is a look I did with Coco Moco, Click Here to see my post on it!

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Fusion of Color:

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