Thursday, 28 February 2013

Friday, 1 February 2013

Mineral Blush Swatches: Fusion of Color pt.2

What Fusion of Color describes themselves:
"Fusion of Color Cosmetics are created from real minerals taken directly from the earth. These minerals are then processed into a fine powder and mixed with natural inorganic colors to produce a wide variety of colors. It does not matter what skin tone you have, from very light porcelain to a dark undertone and every shade in between, there is a mineral cosmetic that can perfectly match your skin. Minerals offer very good and build-able coverage that doesn't feel like you're wearing any makeup at all."
Cruelty Free!
Free from Oil, talc, dyes and parabens!
Ideal for all skin types, skin tones and women of all ages

Fusion of Color has a variety of beautiful blushes! There are 13 Matte shades and 40 Shimmer/Sheen shades of Blushes! You will most definitely find more then a couple you like... guaranteed! 
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