Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Frends Beauty: Stilazzi brush review

Back in November at IMATS Toronto I had the pleasure of meeting the team at Frends Beauty Supplies, which is based out of California. I pickup my beloved Stilazzi "Gone Topless" case (which I'm completely in love with)! They let me pick out a three Stilazzi brushes to try out and let you all in on what I think of them. I chose the Blender Brush, Buff Brush & the Crease Brush.

In-store price $22.00 (USD)
On-line price $18.70 (USD)

Made out of a blend of blue squirrel & goat hair. It's a soft medium chiseled dome brush. This brush was designed for Blush & Highlight powders. 

It's description says that "Precisely cut to put just the right amount of color on the face to enhance the cheek bones."

I personally really love it for applying just that. The size and shape of this brush fits beautifully on top of your cheek bones. I love using this to dust on highlighting powders.

In-store price $22.00 (USD)
On-line price $18.70 (USD)

Made with sable hair this large and lightly pointed brush is ideal for the crease. It's soft and applies just the right amount of shadow to blend out and Accentuate  the crease. I also love using this brush as a clean up tool under the eyes. Pick up some concealer to help clean up any shadow fall out and conceal and brighten under your under eyes. The bristles are so soft it gives that airbrush effect with your concealer.

 In-store price $30.00 (USD)
On-line price $25.50 (USD) 

Made from synthetic nylon hair this rounded tapered paddle brush is ideal for liquid, cream or gel foundations. I actually use this beauty to apply blush and contour my face. I especially love this brush to buff out any harsh lines from blush or bronzer. This fluffy brush smooths out and gives an overall even look to your skin. 

All in all these are really lovely brushes. I find them to hold up to any other great brand. They are strong, chic and really nice quality . What else can you for! I highly recommend checking them out. I think I may need to try more of these Stilazzi brushes and keep you all updated! 

Much Love,

*all photos courtesy of Frends Beauty*

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  1. Dang I need an amazing crease brush and this one looks really cool! Why can't I be in Canada more often?!

    1. Click on the title Crease Brush... It brings you to the Frends Beauty site in USA (California). It's a great brush... My fave out of all three.

  2. I love Frends! I ordered most of my SFX makeup from them & I wanted to try these brushes. They look awesome

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