Thursday, 27 June 2013

Eve Pearl Pro Mixing Palette Review

$30 (USD) set of 2

As a makeup artist keeping our tools and makeup clean/ sanitized is a number one priority.  One of the ways we do this is my using spatulas, disposables and mixing palettes. So there is no cross contamination.  

I have used free hand palettes, which you have to physically pick up and put down. Which can get irritating and you risk the chance of dropping it and having to disinfect, waste product & lose time. I have also tried palettes which can be attached to a strap with a magnetic. Although you can wear it on your hand, wrist or arm, so you are left hands free. I find it to be wobbly and awkward. I always end up taking it off and using it as a free hand palette.   

Cue the Eve Pearl Pro Mixing Palettes!!! 
These are comfortable and convenient! You get two palettes, one black and one silver. On the back of each there is an adjustable ring to fit any finger! I love using one for foundations, concealers, primers etc... The other for cream shadows, gel liners & lip products. Not only can you wear one of these but you can wear both at the same time on the same hand!  

No more picking up and putting down palettes, which can fall on the floor. Get your work done fast, efficiently and clean. These I can guarantee you, you will love this in your Makeup Kit! 
Plus they're super sleek and chic! Who doesn't like that :)   

Here is Eve taking about the Pro Mixing Palettes! 

Much Love,

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