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Mary Kay's 2013 Fall Collection: At Play

I feel that this is probably the most anticipated collection in the history of Mary Kay! They're not only launching 1 but 2 Fall Collections this year, "At Play" & "Fairytales & Fantasies"  (click here to read "Fairytales & Fantasies" reveiw). 

This particular collection is geared toward "Gen Y-ers", a first for Mary Kay! What is or who is Generation Y???

Wikipedia defines Generation Y:
"Generation Y, also known as the Millennial Generation,[1] is the demographic cohort following Generation X. There are no precise dates for when Generation Y starts and ends. Commentators use beginning birth dates from the early 1980s to the early 2000s."

Don't let this deter you if you don't fall in this generation... I don't! This is youthful, flirty, fun and chic! The colours are vibrant, sexy and yet demure. There is honestly something, if not all of it, for everyone! 

Plus, Everything is only $12 each

available August 16th 

Let's dive right in to the good stuff! Warning this is a huge collection and this review is very picture heavy, but I love pictures! I have also put together some looks for you as well with the Baked Eye Trio's! Enjoy! 

Love the packaging! So simple, clean and creative. Loving the "@" logo on it! 

Lip Crayons
$12 CND
*picture courtesy of

Loving these Lip Crayons. We are all familiar with this  form component for both lips and eyes. It glides across your lips and leaves them feeling moisturized. I find that these crayons are cross between lip stick and a lip gloss, just lovely! Very long lasting without drying out on the lips. 

Little trick... Use the tip of the crayon to act as a lip liner then use the side of the product to fill in your lips for a perfect application!

Left ~ Right: Toasted, Perfect Pink, Candied Apple & Violet Love


Perfect Pink

Candied Apple

Violet Love

Eye Crayon

$12 CND

*picture courtesy of

Just like the Lip Crayons there are Eye Crayons! I'm completely in love with these shades!!! These colours say Fall, Elegance and Style! I personally don't use the crayons alone on my lids. I prefer to use these as a colour base for my shadows. These glide on, blended beautifully and like I said create an amazing base for eye shadows.

Little tip... Also use some kind of a eye primer before the eye crayons to prevent creasing and helps with the longevity and intensity of the product. 

Left ~ Right: Gold Mine, Green Tea, Purple Smoke & 
In the Navy

Jelly Lip Gloss
$12  CND .32 fl.oz
*picture courtesy of

"Jelly, Juicy & Pulp", these lip gloss glosses will make your lips speak without saying a word! Your lips are left looking fuller and kiss-ably ready!

I love the sheer pigment it leaves on my lips... just perfect! The only down fall is that they are a little tacky but not sticky, which I can't stand sticky glosses. B/c they're on the tacky side the durability of them are outstanding! 


Left ~ Right: Teddy Bear,Berry Me, Hot Tamale &
Crushed Plum

Baked Eye Trio

$12 CND net wt. 2g

*picture courtesy of
Baked eye shadow vs. Standard eye shadow???

Baked eye shadows tend to be bolder and brighter than your standard eye shadow. I find that the shimmer is very intense and powerful. Baked shadows are great to use wet or dry. Some standard eye shadows need more layering & can caked up when use wet. Baked shadows can give off more of a multidimensional look then regular shadows.

I am most excited about these Baked Trio's!!! These are very vivid and have an excellent colour payoff. They blend easily. 

Little tip... Again use a eye primer to get the most out of your shadow, longevity and prevent creasing. Add other matte shadows with these palettes... have a high shine eye look can leave you looking like a disco ball! 

Swatches & Looks

Ocean View


On the Horizon

Photo: Last look on the Mary Kay Baked Eye Trio collection! This look was created from the "On the Horizon" trio! Mary Kay's "At Play" fall collection out this Friday August 16th!

Earth Bound

Click Here, for full list of products used & how I did all these Baked Eye Looks! 

I hope you find this helpful. I had so much fun doing this particular review for you! This is absolutely a alluring Fall Collection! Warmth, Colour and it gives you the ability to be creative with your makeup!

I would love to know what your going to pick up or what
Trio, Crayon or Jelly Gloss has you excited. 

Till next time! 

Much Love,

Makeup Junkie disclosure
I was given a free product or sample to review. All opinions are my own and not influenced by others. I got no additional benefits for talking about the product or company.


  1. I've always loved Mary Kay, and now I think I love it even more! These are beautiful collections! Ahhh. They look stunning on you too! Thanks for the awesome swatches! <3

    1. Thank you so much! Everything that Mary Kay has been coming out with... just stunning! Talk soon, XxOo

  2. Tuxedo makes a really great smokey eye and I just love Earth Bound.

    1. Tuxedo really does make a beautiful smokey eye! Earth Bound is so beautiful!

  3. The eye baked eye trio's are my favorite!

    1. I know right?! Just stunning!!! The colours are so lovely!

  4. I'm a Mary Kay rep and I love your blog about our new line! Thank you for the support!!!


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