Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Utopia on Fire: Makeup Geek's Utopia

Photo: #pictorial coming later today of this Dark & Daring MakeUpGeekTV look featuring the amazing "Utopia" pigment! Using Mary Kay Canada black gel liner... FYI LOVING it! Minked Lashes in "Pandora" XxOo

1. Vanilla Bean 
2.Coco Bear 
3. Beaches N Cream 
4. Mocha 
5. Utopia. 

Gel liner in Jet black on water lines and smudged it along my lower lash line, winged my upper liner and blended all over the whole lid to give the pigment a base to pop off of! 


Much Love,


  1. Nicole! This look is so beautiful!

    Isn't Utopia just the most amazing pigment? Loving this lashes as well!

  2. Such a pretty look that pigment is fantastic!


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