Monday, 11 August 2014

Lit Cosmetics Review: No Glitter No Glory

"Dreamsicle" (applied with Glitter Base)

Alright so when I say Glitter/Sparkle I know you all get a little excited!!! Well I have found the Glitter that beats all glitter... Lit Cosmetics

Jodie, Founder of Lit Cosmetics

This is a Canadian Brand based in Calgary. The founder Jodie, the Glitter Queen herself, spent 6 years perfecting glitter and how it sparkles. She is the leader in "Glitterology" (the science of glitter). She has delevelop a line that is compatable with every cosmetic (Makeup) line. These glitters may be used with/as eye shadows, eyeliners, glosses, lipsticks, lip tints, mascaras, blushes or bronzers. Whichever you see fit to enhance, complement and take your look a step further. Don't forget that Lit can be used in your hair, nails, body and to play up your tattoos.

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