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Royal & Langnickle [R]evolution Brushes Created by Kevin James Bennett

Royal & Langnickel - Beauty USA

This past weekend while I was working IMATS Toronto with the my girl, Eve Pearl. I got to catch up with the one and only Kevin James Bennett. He gave me the low down on his outstanding 32 piece brush set that he designed with Royal and Langnickle. Which he calls the [R]elvoution brushes. They are certainly more then that! 

Now be prepared for what I'm about to inform you on with these beauties. Kevin knows that durability in brushes can be a problem as he has been working in the industries for 30 years, and is Award winning. We need our brushes to work just as hard as we do! So this is what he has put into them! 

“The technology behind the construction of the 
fibers is impressive. Each monofilament features a micro-studded surface that mimics the exterior cuticle 
of natural hair, allowing for precise pickup, release and blending of even powder makeup. The flagged 
filament tips have a soft, natural feel which will never be affected by age or wear.” says Michael  Dovellos, Director 
of New Business Development at Royal & Langnickel. 

Natural hair brushes have the tendencies to shed and break and can lose their softness. With the newly designed synthetic fiber used in these brushes it cleans easier, dries faster and is extremely soft to the touch. The DuPont™ Natrafil® fibers its like a barrier to help prevent bacteria from growing. They will never lose their shape like most natural and some synthetic brushes on the market. 

One of my favorite things about these brushes and the first thing I noticed was the handles!!!! They are composed of  high impact acrylic and coated in rubberized “soft touch” 
finish. This makes the brush handle super comfortable and you can completely submerge these brushes in water! Yes, that's what I said, submerge! Two reasons, the handles are not wood so there will be one swelling or rotting. The    ferrule is titanium, the lightest and strongest metal, which won't rust and warp. 

Straight up these are Sexy Brushes! 

My only regret is not picking up more of these beautifully crafted brushes. These are Kevin's babies and he has put he's name a reputation on these. You know these are top quality! 

"I was frustrated because I couldn't find makeup brushes that worked as hard as I do... that changed the day Royal & Langnickel asked me to help them create the ultimate makeup artist tools."

-Emmy Award Winning Makeup Artist, Kevin James Bennett

FYI... new favorite crease brush BX-70! It gets right in the pocket of the crease then flip it to its side to blend like a dream! 

Forget that urban legend about the #217 brush, you know what I'm talking about, the BX-66 replaces it 100x over! 

BX-35, the only contour brush you need. Apply straight on for the perfect cut then flip it to it's side to blend out and make it seamless! 

To get your pretty little hands on these [R]evoltuion-ary brush, Click Here.

To educate yourself on the man himself, Kevin James Bennett, Click Here.

Much Love, 

Kevin & I at IMATS Toronto 2014

*top photo's and quotes are from the Royal and Langnickle site*

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