Tips to Remember

  •         Make sure not to get any facial treatments 2 weeks prior to your big day. facials bring all the dirt down in the pores to the surface and cause "breakouts".

  •        Make sure you get all your facial waxing done at least a week prior to wedding day

  •        Make sure you don't drink any alcohol the morning of the wedding. it will cause redness in the face which no concealer will hide.

  •         Up your water intake to half your weight in ounces, every day, for clearer, non-puffy face

  •         Use a very gentle scrub the night before the wedding. This will help to create a smooth makeup application, and will make your makeup last longer.

  •        If you are going to use a self-tanner, do not use a new brand. It is better to have your natural skin color than a bad self -tanner application.

  •       Generally, try to only use products that you are familiar with.

  •        Plan out in advance what you are going to put in your touch up bag, and have one of your bridesmaids carry it with her for an easy access. Some things you might bring with you are blotting paper, compact powder, lip stick or lip gloss and anything you use regularly for touch ups.


  1. Great tips, my sister is getting married after 2 months i will surely suggests this tips to her. Thanks for sharing.

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